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Clara Stephens

Owner | Lead Videographer + Photographer


Clara is a talented videographer with a passion for capturing stories through film. She graduated from Flagler College in 2019 with a degree in Media Production and has since honed her skills in videography and storytelling. With a keen eye for detail and a creative flair, Clara is dedicated to producing high-quality videos that exceed client expectations.


Whether it's a corporate promotional video, a fast-paced social ad, or a short film, Clara approaches every project with enthusiasm and professionalism. She takes the time to understand her clients' needs and vision, and works closely with them to bring their ideas to life.

With a commitment to ongoing learning and professional development, Clara stays up-to-date with the latest video production techniques and equipment. Her goal is to continue pushing the boundaries of what's possible in videography, and to help her clients achieve their goals through the power of video.

When she's not behind the camera, Clara enjoys exploring new places, trying new foods, and spending time with her loved ones.

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